• Don't Bring Turbines To Our Home !

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Wind farm proposals in Tasmania are set to cause quite a stir to the Australian state if they are allowed to be developed as proposed. There are declarations for 3 private wind farms which would come at an expense of almost $450 million dollars and yet there are many good reasons that these should not be allowed in the beautiful area of the country. As a non-profit we and other surrounding businesses are trying to prevent the devastation that would become evident if these 200 wind turbines are allowed to be added to the landscape.

There are many disadvantages that wind turbines present and this is why they should not be allowed here. For one, wind turbines can provide an increased level of danger to wildlife and in particular birds. These innocent birds can quite often collide with the turbines that are producing this wind energy resulting in severe injury or death. Migratory birds and threatened species can be especially difficult in the Tasmanian land.

Next, there are many negative effects on tourism that are realized by the construction of wind turbines like the 200 slated to be erected if not prevented. One of these is the noisy and unattractive nature of the turbines themselves. There are many beautiful vistas in Tasmania that attract tourists each year and these views would never be the same when the grass is dotted with towering turbines like a chessboard in disarray. Scenic beauty has always been important to this Australian community and the location of future turbines should be more carefully considered in order to not seem like corporate graffiti across the land.

Property value can often see significant decreases once wind turbines are put in place due to future buyers not being willing to place themselves so close to the zone. This is partly due to the unsightly nature of the giant fans as well as partially related to the reasons already given above. In the end a consumer is likely to choose a similar location that is not next to turbines than the same building that is in the vicinity. Residents of Tasmania want to be prudent with any developments that have the potential to harm things rather than bring positive outcomes. We urge everyone to contact the developers and plead with them not to bring this construction to our area. It is an uphill battle due to the money involved in the construction project but it can be stopped with enough effort.

Many established companies in the community agree with our stance that these 200 turbines should simply not be built at all. Macquarie Builders is a locally owned and operated construction company that shares this view with our non-profit. Jim Brown an industry expert at Milano's states that, "the addition of these wind turbines will be devastating to the local economy in similar ways as they have been in other communities unfortunate enough to have these poles deposited in their presence." Tas Clothing company is a third company which supports the effort to block the construction of the turbines before it is too late.